Dr. Troy Hutchings

TroyHutchings smallUniversity of Phoenix Education Research Chair, Director of Student Services in Northern Arizona University's College of Education

Dr. Troy Hutchings researches, writes, speaks, and develops materials on a national level in the areas of teacher sexual misconduct, educator decision-making, and the professional continuum-of-responsibility associated with development of a professional framework for a moral and legal teaching practice. He has been invited to speak to state policy groups; legal and investigative practitioner organizations; and to teacher education administrators, state teacher associations, department of education leaders, and licensing officials across the country. He has also developed university curricula on educator ethics and law; collaborated with the Ontario College of Teachers, Canada, the United States Army JROTC, and other agencies; served as the subject expert on a full-length interactive movie dealing with teacher sexual misconduct; served as a court expert witness; and has participated in a number of other educator ethics projects. His contributions to educator professional practices were recognized nationally by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) in 2009, when he received the Annual Doug Bates Award and gave the associated lecture.

Hutchings is currently the Research Chair for Education at the University of Phoenix. He has a record of teaching, leadership, and administrative responsibility at Northern Arizona University's College of Education that spanned 12 years. He also served as a high school administrator, teacher, and coach in public and private schooling environments for 16 years, resulting in numerous school, district, and state teaching awards.

He earned his B.S. in English Education from the University of South Dakota, M.A. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.


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New Book by SESAME friend Andrea Clemens

SESAME friend Andrea Clemens' new book: Invisible Target is now available.  SESAME highly recommends Andrea's courageous story.

invisible target

Over the past several years, I turned my personal experience into a book titled Invisible Target. Below is a short summary of the book.

Nearly 1 in 10 students between kindergarten and their senior year of high school will experience some sort of sexual harassment by a school employee. That equals 4.5 million students.

Invisible Target is a true, detailed account of one girl’s experience of sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher. It follows her journey, beginning with her tumultuous childhood, meeting the teacher, and the grooming process he created to lure her into a false sense of trust and ultimate betrayal. Years of abuse and manipulation finally culminated where she was able to bravely break away from him.

Ten years later, after reclaiming her life and freedom, she was contacted by local police, indicating that this teacher was in custody for statutory rape of two fourteen year old girls. In the midst of local media attention, her statement to the police was pivotal in assisting the District Attorney to secure a plea bargain from the teacher, where he was previously claiming he was innocent.

With excerpts from newspaper articles and actual court impact statements from the victims, this book gives the reader a clear picture of how the prevalent epidemic of educator sexual abuse begins, progresses, and affects so many innocent lives.

This book will serve as a strong educational tool for students, parents, teachers, and administrators by shedding light on the dynamics of educator sexual abuse, so schools can be safe havens for every child.

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