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Charles Hobson, Ph.D.

Charles J. Hobson has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University and works at Indiana University Northwest as a Professor of Management, where he teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in organizational behavior, teamwork, leadership, and human resource management.

Charlie has authored or coauthored 152 professional publications/presentations, worked as a trainer/consultant with 173 organizations, and functioned as an expert witness in 39 court cases involving workplace and educational discrimination. Charlie has conducted research on the problem of sexual abuse/harassment in education and authored two books on the topic--one dealing with K-12 (Passing the Trash: A Parent's Guide to Combat Sexual Abuse/Harassment of Their Children in School ) and another dealing with higher education (THE LECHEROUS UNIVERSITY: What Every Student and Parent Should Know About the Sexual Harassment Epidemic on Campus, 2002).

He has also worked with multiple organizations interested in preventing and correcting sexual abuse/harassment. Over his 32 year career at Indiana University, Charlie has been an outspoken advocate for student rights, having filed six complaints against other professors at his school, one with the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, and one with the police, as well as providing sworn testimony in a federal court case against IU and a sexually abusive professor.

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