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Chester Kent, Ph.D., J.D.

High school principal; Assistant/Superintendent  in Western Pennsylvania , 1979-1997; 

Research Associate Professor, Department of Administrative and Policy Studies, University of Pittsburgh ( 1998-2008-Retired) ;

Co-Director, Tri-State Area School Study Council, located within the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies -2002-2008 (provided on site technical assistance to 130 school district members in Western Pennsylvania); author of  monthly Schoolhouse Legal Primer for school administrators; initiated the Dr. Samuel Francis School Law Symposium with the University School of Law in 1998, now in its 15th year, to bring together, superintendents/administrators, school solicitors, law school professors, union association lawyers, School Board association lawyers and civil rights advocates to discuss/debate  current cutting edge legal issues facing k-12 schools.

Served as an educational consultant in over 120 court cases in federal and state court involving teacher sexual abuse/harassment since 1983. Qualified as an expert witness in all cases.  Quoted in a number of federal opinions beginning with Stoneking v. Bradford School District (3rd Circuit) in 1989.

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