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C. Terry Raben, Treasurer

C. Terry Raben is a certified Public Accountant and has been a CPA for over thirty (30) years. Mr. Raben has extensive experience in all attest functions, in the preparation of financial statements, taxation, and special engagements in preparing business valuations.

Mr. Raben is an expert in the area of business valuations and has testified as an expert witness in the Eighth Judicial District Court in and for the County of Clark, State of Nevada.

The CPA is normally engaged in attest functions, which is defined as the submittal of various types of financial statements for all types businesses. It is from these engagements that the CPA develops extensive first hand knowledge of the factors used to establish values for business entities. Mr. Raben has also acted as receiver for a variety of different companies throughout the years.

Mr. Raben's expertise has been furthered by his participation in the American Institute of CPAS Business Valuation Certificates of Educational Achievement Program. This certificate in achievement was issued February 2, 1996.

Mr. Raben became a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) on October 2, 1996. This was accomplished by his completion of education requirements and passing a comprehensive exam. This certification procedure is regulated by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analyst (NACVA). The CVA is an elite accreditafion for CPAs who, for many reasons, are uniquely qualified to provide Business Valuation Services. As a general rule, CPAs, through their extensive training combined with experience in tax, auditing, accounting for small businesses, and financial analysis, have the necessary background for dealing with the complexifies involved in providing Business Valuafion Services. No other profession provides the breadth of experience and development that the Public Accounting Profession produces, and thus, a CVA is, and should be the preferred choice for a business valuator.

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