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Amber's Story

I was freshman in high school. He was my resource teacher. I will call him Mr.N. He made me feel so special. I was having family problems and I would talk to him about my problems. I would go after school and before school to talk to him. I thought he was the best thing that ever happened to me. I trusted him but now I wish that I had not. I remember we had to go to a "Respect Retreat" for school and Mr.N went with us. I remember that we had to play a game where you had to sit on the other person lap. My friend Jess had to sit on Mr.N lap and I felt I saw Mr.N put his hands on Jess breast. I was so shocked that i didn't do anything. I didn't really think much of it but now I wish I did. One day I was taking a test in his room and he put his hand on my upper inner thigh. I didn't do anything. I was so shockedand stunned for him to do that. I wonder why didn't I say something-- why didn't i slap him?? If I could redo that day I would have done something different. Then after that day he started touching me more on my legs, arms, and knees--stuff like that. Then he started to say werid things to me like calling me "dear" and saying that he really missed me and things like that. He also started to tell me things about his life like he "takes forever in the shower" and that he "hates his wife." He said he thinks "she is fat, stupid, and ugly." I feel so bad for his wife that he feels this way about her. Then he started rubbing up against me and brushing his hand across my chest. He rubbed his butt on my arm.

I finally told on him last February but so far, nothing has happened. I still see him in school. I was told that they did do an investigation but they said that he did nothing wrong and that further investigation of it was dropped. I don't get it. I still see him like 10 times a day. He comes in one of my classes a lot when he knows I am there. He used to follow everywhere but I told my father and he called the cops. They said that they can't do anything in school but out of school they can. What's going to happen before they do something? Are they going to wait to do something until he rapes me or attacks me? I don't know what to do anymore. I see him so many times in school. Last year he did something to some other girls and they reported it but the school did nothing. I don't get it. Why didn't they do anything? I don't know why but they didn't. The school year is almost out but i might have to see him next year. (Maybe not, we are moving soon so i can get away from him) I don't want to leave my friends but everywhere I go I see him or hear his voice. I don't know what to do ? I just have to wait and see.

Thanks for listening to my story

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