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Generations of innocent school children have been brazenly victimized by sexual predators masquerading as educators for decades.  Effectively fighting back against this disgraceful national tragedy can be accomplished at any one, or all, of three levels: (1) the individual parent level, (2)  the school level, and (3)  the state/national level.

This section provides an overview of each of the three levels, along with links to more detailed information:

  1. "Protecting Your Child From K-12 Sexual Predators Masquerading As Teachers/Educators:  Action Steps for Parents"

  2. "Protegiendo a su Hijo de K-12 de Depredadores Sexuales que se Hacen Pasar Como Maestros o Educadores: Medidas de Accion para los Padres"

  3. "Fixing Schools and What You Can Do to Fight Back" (Chapter 10, from the 2012 book entitled:Passing the Trash: A Parent's Guide to Combat Sexual Abuse/Harassment of Their Children in School )


Individual Parent Level

Parents need to take personal responsibility for educating themselves and their children about sexual abuse in schools. The material in this section and the links above represent a first step in this educational process. Once a parent has a basic understanding of the problem, I recommend scheduling meetings with your child's teachers and administrators to discuss your concerns about educator sexual abuse and precautionary steps you want taken.  For example, I have requested that my children never be alone with a school employee and never be touched by a school employee (of course, first aid is permissible).  Sexual abuse takes place when educators are alone with children at school and often begins with physical touching in the grooming process, designed to encourage children to submit to sexual abuse.  School officials also need to know that you will call police, if problems arise, and file civil suits against perpetrators and anyone who enables, aids, or abets child sexual abuse (sample letters are contained in the book chapter above).

School Level

You can fight back at the school-level through the PTA/PTO or school board or your own individual actions.  The goal is for the school system to adopt policies/practices that substantially minimize or eliminate the problem of educator sexual abuse.  These actions could include: (1) mandatory annual training on sexual abuse prevention and reporting for all students, parents, and teachers, (2) a policy prohibiting school employees from being alone with students, (3) a policy prohibiting or strictly limiting touching of students by educators, (4) psychological testing in the hiring process, and (5) disciplinary consequences for employees who fail to report suspected sexual abuse.

State/National Level

By contacting and lobbying state/national elected officials, you can request that executive orders (from governors or the president) be issued or laws passed to require schools receiving government funding to implement aggressive policies/practices, like those discussed in the previous section.  SESAME is a national leader in these lobbying efforts and can help to guide/coordinate your individual efforts.

Inaction allows sexual predators to continue abusing our children.  We can't tolerate this and must join together in fighting back.  There are countless ways to do this and many sympathetic, like-minded people to help.  Good luck and please keep us posted about what works best for you!

Written By:

Dr. Charles J. Hobson, Ph.D.
Indiana University Northwest - Professor of Management
S.E.S.A.M.E Board of Advisors


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