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Glenn Scott Lipson, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Glenn S. Lipson, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., a forensic and clinical psychologist, has consulted with schools for over two decades in employment matters, in violence prevention, work place harassment and bullying.

As a retained expert in civil, employment and abuse litigation he consults, mediates and is an expert witness. He completed a Menninger Post Doctoral fellowship and has attained a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is an Associate Professor at Alliant International University, currently acting as Program Director of the San Diego campus of the California School of Forensic Studies. He testifies in high profile civil and criminal cases, evaluates both victims and perpetrators in various criminal matters and intervenes in critical workplace situations. His client list includes the San Diego and other District Attorneys' offices, the United States Postal Service, the Department of Defense, COX Communications, Kaiser Permanente and Sony. His specialties include evaluating all forms of employee claims including risk management concerns and fitness for duty. For decades he has been doing presentations both nationally and internationally, including New Scotland Yard, England.

Dr. Lipson is a partner in Making Right Choices ( and for the past three years has worked collaboratively in the creation of an online training program to prevent sexual misconduct. Karla M. Rhay, Ed.D. is currently working with him to make the course available to the schools supported by the Southern California Schools Risk Management JPA.

Finally, Dr. Lipson is a published forensic and children's book author; he is a contributing writer to the Violence Risk Assessment Guidelines of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (RAGE-V). He volunteers as a psychologist in his local chapter of the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services. Dr. Lipson has two children (ages 16 and 22).

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