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Gretchen's Story

It happened to me . . . everyone just looks away and ignores, but it happened to me. I took a stand and reported it to the school, but even they turned away. Everyone hated me for the things that he had said about me. My teachers didn't know how to react to me. My word against his. The school didn't even interview my list of witnesses. The matter went to the school board and I was never invited. Who represented me in the case? Who worried about how this would affect my life and not how this would impact their careers? The lies he told hurt me. He was suspended with pay for the school investigation . . . the authorities were never called to look into the matter. My reward, a formal reprimand in his permanent record that I was not allowed to see. How do I even know if it is there or if it says anything about sexual assault and harassment? The school didn't rehire him after that year. He went to another school and is teaching there. Who would hire a teacher with assault and harassment on his record? I wasn't the only one. I was just the only one who tried to stand against him. I have been broken by the negligence of a school and the negligence of a society willing to turn the other way.

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